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Support Huruma MEVA's aid: donate, become sponsor or volunteer!

You can make a difference...

In order to help the children who Huruma MEVA supports by providing them with nourishment, housing, medical care and education, financial aid is needed. The work of the Huruma MEVA Foundation can only be done on the basis of donations and sponsorship. Do you want to help the children in Africa? Help Huruma MEVA helping!


Support the Huruma MEVA Foundation....

1. Donate online

Donate a non-recurring contribution or leave a bequest.

Click here for an online donation or donate at NL69ABNA0542769123 in the name of Stichting Huruma MEVA at Enschede, the Netherlands.

Please mention whether your donation is intended for a project in Kenya or Nigeria.


2. Become sponsor of child in Kenya

For € 10,-- per month you will give a child with HIV regular medical check-ups, medication, advice and extra nourishments.

For € 25,-- per month you will sponsor a child in a orphanage

For € 50,-- per month you give a child secundary education.

Click here to sign up as a sponsor.

3. Become supporter

You can donate a standard contribution monthly, quarterly or biannually.

Click here to sign up as a supporter.


4. Organize or join sponsorship activities to raise money

For example, collecting used cell phones and cartridges among your acquaintances could result in a good financial sponsorship. There are also plenty of voluntary tasks in the field of fund raising, PR activities, et cetera, which could use an extra hand.

Click here to sign up for sponsor activities.

5. Come to Afrika to help us

For more information, see under 'voluntary work'.


Our IBAN: NL69ABNA0542769123 in the name of Stichting Huruma MEVA at Enschede, the Netherlands.

Huruma MEVA is an ANBI (Intended Organisation of Public Benefit). Your financial contribution is deductable for tax purposes (in The Netherlands).