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Kenya is a republic in the eastern part of Africa, bordering Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Uganda and Tanzania. The country is 14 times the size of the Netherlands with a population of 40 million from 42 different tribes. This variation in tribes regularly results in ethnic tensions as appeared after the election in December 2007. Riots broke out, 1500 people were killed and 600.000 people were banished from their land. Corruption appears in all layers of society. In Kenya, many people live in the slums in which they have to struggle every day to make ends meet. Poverty, poor health and large numbers of unemployment are main issues in this region. Especially the issue of HIV/AIDS is evident. Many children are orphans or their families are not capable to nurture them. Some children live in the streets; many of them find shelter in orphanages.


The work Huruma MEVA does originated in Kenya. Over the years, our activities in helping the children in Kenya have expanded to support in sustenance, medical care and education.


Click the links to read about the projects in Kenya about:

  1. Primary sustenance: about the support of an orphanage in Rongai and the sponsoring of children.
  2. Medical care: About sponsoring children with HIV, medical check-ups and health-information/education.
  3. Education: About the support of a Boys Highschool in Kiambu West, the sponsoring of children in highschool and the Life Changing Project.